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                        Profound enterprise culture is the source and power of enterprise development

                        Teacher culture

                        A wise man is a teacher
                        Modesty and meticulous Education

                        Enterprise tenet

                        Create wealth, make employees benefit the society


                        Innovation, harmony and success

                        Enterprise spirit

                        Seeking truth, seeking new, seeking quality and seeking efficiency

                        Business philosophy

                        Create wealth and keep balance

                        Employee code of conduct

                        Honesty, diligence and thrift

                        Code of conduct for cadres

                        To be a model, to take responsibility, to be cautious of power


                        Quality enterprise, quality life

                        usiness philosophy

                        Innovative development concept 10 customer centered, demand oriented and contributor oriented

                        Innovative development concept

                        Be practical, professional, precise and strong

                        Cultural concept

                        The new harmony culture of talent development is an effective management experience summed up by the new harmony culture in the development process, and an action guide to lead the future development of the new harmony culture. XinHeCheng will always maintain the characteristics of "teacher culture", uphold the tenet of "creating wealth, achieving employees and benefiting the society", carry forward the spirit of "four demands", adhere to the values of "innovation, harmony and competitive success", keep the motto in mind, act and act according to the code of conduct, practice the business philosophy of "creating wealth, balance and sustainability" with the corporate image of "keeping high aspirations and down to earth".